Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can a band be comical and still be taken seriously?

In the genres of parody music and comedy music, it is really tough to name an act in which you can easily listen to their album and laugh while still taking them seriously. Weird Al Yankovic is probably the easiest to name and the most popular act in the genre, and it goes without saying that most people do not take his music seriously. This is where I feel the punk band Personal and the Pizzas has changed the way things are done; they have successfully created a parody group that cannot be thought about without a snicker on your face, but at the same time the band delivers some intense rock tunes that have to be taken seriously.

It's probably the thuggish New Jersey persona that makes them easier to take seriously, but you can't help but laugh at songs like "Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me" and "I Can Reed". With a few slower love songs like "I Ain't Takin' You Out" and "I Don't Feel So Happy Now No More", their Album Raw Pie has more diversity than most parody albums have to offer. Every song on the album has a hint of their pizza fetish and New Jersey toughness which make it funny, but this album is seriously a great listen all the way through. It is not difficult to take them seriously and sing their funny lyrics while feeling confident in yourself.

Personal and the Pizzas interview.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on punk music for this CAT 125 bloging experience. This post is interesting to me because I recently experienced a show at the Whistle Stop in South Park, a local San Diego punk band called “The Natives” played. (Here is a link to an article about them http://rollinsd.com/san-diego-shock-rock-the-natives/) Well, they were animated and engaging, and I even wanted to dance though most of the songs. But there were many moments where I stood there laughing out loud at and shaking my sober head a little because they were a little bit outrageous and silly. With songs about “camel toe” and “her dry hole” I kept feeling slightly offended. Is a punk show successful if I am personally not convinced about how funny the lyrics and antics are? Is it successful regardless because I dance and have a good time to the fast paced music?

    By the way, any favorite Pizza/Beer spots in SD? And if you have been to The Shakedown I would love to read a post about it because I have not gone yet.
    Thanks again! Mina

  2. Thanks for this awesome post. I always enjoy a good punk rock group and especially ones that like to have fun with the music and are creative enough to uphold a memorable persona. I checked them out and it's not bad!

  3. I feel like a band can definitely be comical and still be taken seriously. What is important is that the band has its own musical talent and something different to show its audiences.

  4. I highly recommend crotchduster. They are pretty funny and talented as well.. here's a link to check them out on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O7rItcfJPs

  5. there's also serious music being remixed to be comedy with the "shreds' phenomenon, If you're not familiar here's Queen Shreds "Another One Bites The Dust"